2.34Ct Oval Cut White Moissanite Diamond Luxury Engagement Ring Set 925 Sterling Silver

Moissanite Ring






Total Weight: 5.40 Gram
Metal:  925 Sterling Silver
Finish:  14k White Gold Plated
Center Stone: Moissanite (Shape & Cutting Style : Oval , Color: Off  White , Clarity: VVS1 ,Weight: 2.34 ct.w)
Side Stone: Simulated Diamond
Nature Lab-Created

Lab Created Sapphire vs. Simulated Diamond CZ (Cubic Zirconia)

  1. Mass CZ produced rings are just that – mass produced. We are absolutely handcrafted for every ring, it’s our promise.
  2. Lab-controlled conditions make perfect stones and ideal cut the “Hearts and Arrows” for maximum fire.
  3. CZ is 8 on hardness, our created sapphire is 9 (next to a diamond 10).